God is present in the modern world, He need only to trust

 God is present in the modern world, He need only to trustThe people God wants pastors, not functionaries or civil servantsPope Francis gave an unprecedented in its frankness. Contrary to the custom of the popes not to be alone with the press, the Pontiff met three times in August with the chief editor of the Italian Jesuit magazine Civilta cattolica priest Antonio Spadaro. Interview, the fruit of these conversations, was the eve simultaneously published 16 Jesuit journals of Europe and America, reports Blagovest-info with reference to Kipa-Apic.Rejection Francis called defensive tendencies in modern Christianity, when, referring to the threat from the barbarian world, the Church members are trying to confine within narrow limits. No, " said the Pontiff, - .Dad is convinced: God is present in every person's life. Even if this life is destroyed by vices, drugs or anything else, God is present in it. We must seek for It in every human life. Читать полностью -->

1. EDI Rama, mayor of Tirana (2000-2011) — winner, 2004. Rama is an artist and a democratic activist, does not supervised, while his companions did not call in the late 1990s in the Ministers of culture of Albania

he worked two years before he was elected mayor of the capital Tirana. To be mayor, he said, is the highest form of conceptual art, art in its purest form". And the truth is he painted home in Tirana brightest colors, and even planted 1800 trees and broke almost 10 hectares of new parks. And yet, as Mr Sobyanin, demolished thousands of kiosks. However, at the time of his retirement in the homes of the semi-million city water was available for only six hours a day, but when the Frame was chosen, it was even worse. So that the residents loved their mayor-artist.2. Читать полностью -->

Free housing after a disaster there will be no more

 Free housing after a disaster there will be no moreAt the meeting with first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, the Ministry of Finance presented a model of insurance protection of housing from emergency situations (ES). Insurance will be voluntary, while the state will participate in the insurance benefits, and citizens who have no coverage, will be able to compensate to get a new housing only in a social rent without the ability to become its owners, told the Prime business news Agency the meeting.The subject of compulsory insurance of housing over the past few years, usually after large-scale natural disasters in 2010, these were the fires, in 2012 - flood in Krymsk. This year, this occasion was a natural disaster in the far East, when it became clear that the main burden of compensation will again fall on the budget.Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in September instructed the Finance Ministry to study the issue of compulsory home insurance against emergencies. The Finance Ministry said in response that the introduction of this type of compulsory insurance is not possible, and proposed to hold a meeting in the government.Last week the topic was discussed at Shuvalov. The meeting agreed with the conclusion of the Ministry of Finance: mandatory system is impossible, it is necessary to develop a voluntary.Approved the concept, the essence of which is that citizens should take care of the preservation of their property. This will be developed a basic program of insurance against catastrophic risks, fees it will pay the citizen and the Federal government will participate in the insurance benefits, " said one of the Prime participants.The cost of this basic insurance will probably be different for different regions, he said.Thus, if a citizen does not have insured their homes, which in this case was the only one, and lost it as a result of emergencies, the state also will help him - providing housing on social employment, which cannot be neither sell nor to privatize. Читать полностью -->

Russia aims to combat extremist groups, whenever it is needed regardless of other factors.

 Russia aims to combat extremist groups, whenever it is needed regardless of other factors.The terrorist threat to the Olympic games in SochiTerrorist groups linked to Saudi Arabia and other countries that operate in the North Caucasus for years. According to the Supreme mufti of Syria Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassouna, who recently visited Moscow Islamic University, "fighting in Syria about 2 thousand extremists from Russia". In his words, "among the militants there are people from the Caucasus of Chechnya and Dagestan, and Tatarstan, in Central Russia".According to the Lebanese daily "Al-Safir", which quotes the chief editor of the Russian site "Caucasian knot" Grigory Shvedov, "Russian extremists have gained experience in the war in Syria. They learned combat operations in urban environments. To date, the terrorists in the Caucasus could not benefit from a similar experience. And when they return home and form their ranks, that, undoubtedly, will be a significant threat." He also added that "Sochi is at serious risk of attacks by extremist groups who took part in street fighting in Syria, despite all the measures taken to ensure the security of the Winter Olympic games".In July of this year, the leader of terrorists of the Russian Caucasus, Doku Umarov, threatened to disrupt the Winter Olympics, promising that he would make all efforts to prevent the game took place. Читать полностью -->

The Islamists claim to the Caliphate of Tomania

 The Islamists claim to the Caliphate of TomaniaKomsomolskaya Pravda believes that the outcome of the natives of the Caucasian republics in Siberia and the demonstration of the sometimes over-confidence is not accidental. Experts say that in the oil and gas capital purposefully rides young people, positioning themselves Wahhabis, the newspaper said. About Wahhabism publication is told and at the end of 2012, when the rules of entry to New Urengoy.Northern Russia and Western Siberia steel rear base of the Wahhabis, " notes the author. According to him, a year ago at a local jamaats began to lecture about what all on earth oil is given by Allah and that infidels possess it illegally. Khanty-Mansi, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, Komi Republic and part of Tyumen is a great Foundation for Islamic state, which sooner or later recognized by all countries of the world. To be called the state of Tomania - sums correspondent. Читать полностью -->

New leaks in offshore showed how rich our deputies, and when they managed to get all this?

 New leaks in offshore showed how rich our deputies, and when they managed to get all this?After a new leak in the offshore was the Russian deputies, the wife of the kingpin and giving YakuninIn a new portion of declassified data about the owners of offshore companies from Russia, the mother of the head of RUSAL Oleg Deripaska was not only a remarkable character. Study the list of hundreds of Russian offshore beneficiaries led to the discovery of several more famous names.For example, a state Duma Deputy from the LDPR Eduard Markin since 2006 owned company Caraquet Limited, registered in the British virgin Islands. The son of the Deputy-the United Russia Iosif Kobzon Andrey Kobzon since 2007 was the owner of a registered same company Kolofest Global Corp and Director Bonfet Equities Inc. Since 2006, their neighbor was the Deputy-the United Russia Viktor Pinsky - as owner and Director Victoria VVP Ltd. As another MP from United Russia - Mikhail Slipenchuk, owned since 2009 by Merando company Business Inc.Presents information, at least in this form, can hardly be called dirt: the collected ICIJ data are incomplete, in particular, they often do not specify the timing of the completion of the ownership of offshore company. In this regard, some mentioned in offshore list of elected officials so commented on the leak: they got rid of offshore assets before show up for duty in the state Duma, and the ICIJ data are outdated. Читать полностью -->

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